I have noticed lately, that when I pull away after being at idle, in traffic or traffic lights for a long period,I get a cloud of blue grey smoke from the rear of the car.

This "smoke' does not appear while driving normally, at high speed or accelerating. Engine sounds and runs fine. I thought, it might be a slow oil leak and its dripping onto the exhaust. But, I am no expert. I must admit I am finding myself topping up the oil every now and then. Someone told me that v8's burn a little oil, so didn't think too much of it.

I'm thinking now, that oil is dripping onto a hot exhaust. But how to find it Could be valve seals, oil on exhaust wouldn't really do that. Burning oil could mean oil has found its way into the cylinder hence possible valve sealswhen you idle and the valves open or not sealed oil builds and finds its way into the cylinder, when you then put ya foot down to move its burned and blue smoke chucked out the back.

I would bet EGR system is clogged so when your at tick over any oils in the re circulation system accumulate instead of being constantly burnt, when you accelerate big cloud of oil smoke. This happens with many marques not just BMW.

bmw 550i smoke from exhaust

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Upload or insert images from URL. Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted January 27, Just to add - It only happens when the car is running at its correct temperature Any advice from anyone is much appreciated Best Regards Mike.

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Posted January 29, Posted February 13, A second thought if you get smoke when you lift off then it could be valve stem oil seals. Posted May 15, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topicHello There, Guest! Login — Register. Thread Rating: 7 Vote s - 1. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Could be valve stem seals. Will need to open her up to make sure though. E30's aren't build Hi, I've got the exact same problem, and I also already replaced the crank ventilation valves.

Would sincerely appreciate it. Hey guys, Any news yet? Would truly appreciate it Thanks. Hi Guys. Im having the same problem. Macky quoted me R though and said its quite a job but with special tools it can be done without removing cylinder head and all that stuff Is that possible? He used to work for BMW and works from home now so guess he knows what hes talking about.

Was thinking exactly the same about the price. Maybe i'll stick around to see how he does it Hi Guys, I still have this problem, where can I get this fixed?

Q: White smoke coming out from exhaust, what can that be?

Please could you send me Mack's details. Regards Sporti. Hi guys, Seems i have same problem too on e90 Replaced cvv. Car still smokes when pulling off. One question!When driving, hitting gas. Is it head gaskets or CCV valves?

White smoke from the exhaust can be caused by a few things. The steam will usually go away once the car has warmed up. It may also be possible that the issue is related to the head gasket. A bad head gasket can cause smoke from the tailpipe if coolant enters any of the combustion chambers.

If this is the case the vehicle may also be overheating. I would check the oil filler cap and dipstick for any signs of coolant contamination that may indicate the possibility of a blown head gasket.

A bad CCV valve can also cause smoke from the tailpipe if any oil from the crankcase gets sucked in by the engine through the PCV system. I would start by trying to figure out if the issue is head gasket related or not, and go from there. If you would like help, consider having an expert automotive technician from YourMechanic come to your home or office to inspect and diagnose this issue for youand make any repairs as needed. Q: White smoke coming out from exhaust, what can that be? My car has 82 miles.

My car has an automatic transmission.

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Eduardo Ruelas Automotive Mechanic. Thank Eduardo. Hello, thanks for writing in. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback!

Is your bmw smoking blue-white on idle?

Sorry about that.By DarkHorseMay 17, in E39 Every once in a while I get a large amount of white smoke from the exhaust on startup 6cyl petrol engine. Perhaps once a fortnight, normally on the start of the home journey of a 4 mile each way commute where the temp gauge is up to normal after 2 miles 2 mile crawl with a 2 mile dual carriage way blip.

This afternoon there was a rather large cloud which mostly clears after 10 to 20 seconds of idling. White cloud that did not smell of sweet coolant, just smelt of burnt fumes.

2006 BMW 550i white smoke?

Not using any visible amount of water or oil over the last 3K miles yet. When I first got my i a couple of years ago I had this problem for a bit. Generally happened when starting from slightly warm, never stone cold. I also had a problem the first time I gave it a thrash down the motorway with a fair bit of smoke white or blue, difficult to say suddenly appearing - these faults simply disappeared.

Although I can't be sure, my theory is that either the dealer or the previous owner had done lots of short journeys and either the CCV or pipes had got all gunged up, or the CCV was already on the way out. So many problems with these cars seem to be caused by the CCV possibly failing in a variety of different ways it's got to be worth considering.

Yes the CCV breather system seems a likely suspect. I will keep an eye on it for further symptoms. It did it again on start up this afternoon leaving work, first time in 10 days of regular short commute usage.

I had the door open when I turned the key and noticed a slight knocking sound very mild from all the cylinders that I don't normally hear on a normal start up. Wasn't classic pinking, more deeper sound but an indication that the 'burn' was different and prompted me to look at the exhaust to see a fair amount of white plumage smoke coming out the back. I took a good sniff of it and didn't smell sweet coolant or any particular oil smell. Today I set off with no white smoke on start up.

After about 4 miles temp gauge normal but can't be up to running temp yetaccelerating up the third dual carriageway and wow, F1 style engine white smoke filling up behind me, lost some power. I'm off the throttle and into the nearest lay-by this is a 2. Still bowing thick white smoke on tick over for a few mins Turn engine off, check coolant, mild cap pressure, level seemed fine. Checked oil, dipstick clear, checked filler cap, some mayo same as usual but no detectable suction of cap down when placed near filler hole on tick over idle and rpm remained constant I think.

So eventually decide to proceed up this next 3 mile carriageway. Still spy hunter style smoking.

BMW 550i Smoke from engine or exhaust Inspection at your home or office.

Seemed to be possible with mild smoke then suddenly let go again 2. Get 3 miles and into traffic, still emitting some smoke and proceed at low revs, within a mile all smoke clears as I continue a further 3 miles in traffic to my destination. Smoke clears and park up for 2 hours misses shopping, food etc. Check fluids, still warm and level all OK, very slight pressure at coolant filler cap. Restarted engine to see a very small amount of smoke emitted initially otherwise drove 10 miles home without issues, even some hard acceleration to 4K in each gear no more as I wanted to make it homeno smoke at all now.

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Turned the engine off, waited 10 mins, checked levels again, fired up the engine and revved to 4K, all looks normal. The car never dumps water or fluids from the exhaust or anything like that yet. At last, a big clue today. I was previously mistaken. This morning cold and settled I checked the OIL level and sure enough there is some consumption occurring.I just bought a used i yesterday with 66, miles. They just had an oil change on it before I picked it up.

Full synthetic. Now, when I start the car, a lot of white smoke comes out the exhuast and trails behind the car a little. After minutes, it goes away. The car drives fine, no engine lights, oil and coolant levels are both full. But the exhuast is solid white and smells bitter and harsh.

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Apparently they said it might be that there was an additive in the engine that is now burning off, and I just needed to drive it a bit to clean it out. Maybe its just burning off soot or carbon or excess oil. I took it to a BMW dealership. They reccomended to drive it over the weekend and see if the problem persists. If it does, then I should get a diagnosis.

But the used car dealership included a 3 month engine and transmission warranty, but I called them about the problem and of course they are trying to avoid covering anything. They said they cover "failed" parts, not "failing" parts, whatever that means. I bought a used car, and a day later this crap happens? Of course this is their responsibility, right? Its definitely not steam or condensation from cold weather. Its warm here.

Its actual white smoke with a strong distinct odor. It does go away after a short while of driving, but then even if I park the car, turn it off, and immediately turm it back on still hot from the drive, it will smoke again. Its seems it will not smoke when driving for after a minute, but only when parked. I assumed yours is running on petrol, if the white smoke goes off after driving for a short while then it could be due to car being parked for long time or cold engine, there's some water vapour trapped in the system and needs burning off, most older and bigger CC cars are like that.

My guess is the used car dealer added something to the fuel to try to solve a problem. Could be a pinhole leak that goes away as engine warms and parts expand to block said leak. Just a guess. Could be their additive reacting with the catalytic converter. Could be steam from the cold exhaust system burning off. I doubt a faulty injector will cause white smoke.

That generally is moisture related. To eliminate fuel injectors as a likely cause, use good quality premium fuel [Top Tier Chevron, Shell etc. Tecron will not produce white smoke. It does not need to be a catastrophic failure [breakdown] for a part to fail.

A hole in a head gasket is failure. Just read your add'l info. The byproduct of combustion in a gas engine is is carbon monoxide and water. On cold parts it will steam, after you drive and shut down system will attract some, not much moisture, like dew settling. Just start and go, have someone follow and watch the exhaust to see how quickly it stops smoking or steaming. First Officer.

bmw 550i smoke from exhaust

Update: Its definitely not steam or condensation from cold weather. Answer Save.I found an interesting notation while reading the BMW N63 Engine - Technical Training Workbook Page 20 Note: If the exhaust system produces blue smoke, it is necessary to check whether the engine is also drawing oil into the combustion chamber through the crankcase breather, which suggest that there is a fault in the area of the crankcase breather.

A clear sign of a problem is an oiled up clean-air pipe. People have been using oil catch cans to avoid burning oil blow pass. Does the vehicle owner have to go to the arbitrator for approval? Does the catch can need to be emptied manually? Yes they do.

But it's not something you need to empty all the time either. Most people check them once a month or so. However the catch cans we carry are currently only available for N54 and N55 engines. Our blog post for the stock system was referring to the N62 engine which has replacement valves available.

And we sell a lot of them. But on the OP's N63 the crankcase vent valves are built into the valve covers. Hopefully it will be a more reliable setup than they used in the past. Page 20 in that document explains how it works on the N63 and it clearly shows bolts. However I'm not seeing any individual parts of the system besides hoses being available on the ETK. There could be some things listed in the service system that don't show up on the ETK I'm looking at though.

The N62 has a removable valve on the top of each valve cover. The picture for the N63 shows that it can be disassembled - can the N62?? I haven't heard of anyone taking apart the valves on the N What usually seems to fail is breather valve right on the top of the valve cover and they aren't terribly expensive to just replace. These are an updated design over what likely came on your car and one is needed per valve cover.

It's what we covered in the blog post but we didn't specifically label it as being for N62TU. Curious, All of a sudden one morning when I started car, below freezing, it started to blow smoke and oil residue out driver side exhaust.

What is strange is it runs OK, just smokes, and it went through a couple quarts while I was trying to see what was wrong while running at idle, actually dripping oil out exhaust tips? Is it safe to drive it to shop, or not. Of course, I will keep an eye on oil level, but can I drive car with dip stick out to relieve vacuum pressure even if it runs rough at idle? Thanks, So what is hydrolock technically speaking, never heard that term before. What causes this, the infamous condensation freeze in CCV hose, and if so, will it melt down now that weather is above freezing?

What engine do you have? The N62 normally won't suck that much oil thru the engine.The V8 engine has always been known for power and performance. When BMW introduced this engine init was the first of its kind.

While being ahead of its time and the first of its kind, there were numerous issues with the engine. If you have been curious about ownership of a N63, here is our list of 5 common N63 engine problems. Even when new, the N63 has been known to be quite thirsty for oil. This area is extremely hot, and causes the engine to burn through more oil, and even drying out gaskets which can lead to leaks.

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How much oil does it burn? Well BMW spec says that 1qt per miles is within the norm, and some owners showing a quart every miles. In spite of the oil burn off, owners still love the engine and mention that changing the oil every k miles and stocking a few quarts when the indicator goes off.

There is no dip stick in these cars, so there is no fiddling under the hood. Keep a few quarts on deck, you will need them.

bmw 550i smoke from exhaust

Be careful: excess oil consumption is also a symptom of leaking valve stem seals which we cover further in this article! This issues were systemic in this engine. Even cars with relatively low mileage were not spared. The fuel injectors seemed to go on the fritz pretty early on, with one citing 20k miles on this forum.

If you are looking at a model with this engine in it, you should note that these injectors are not cheap. So what kind of symptoms can you expect when it is the injector? If you notice any of these symptoms, its more than likely the injectors. However, these symptoms are almost identical to those of bad ignition coils and spark plugs which we covered at the beginningso we recommend replacing those parts first.

Replacing all the fuel injectors at the same time will be costly given they are approx. The DIY is an expert level, but it has been done.

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Follow the thread here. The belts can stretch to the point that they jump a tooth and bend cylinder valves, which results in a costly repair bill. Rough idle and a check engine light could be early tells for this issue, yet still can be a silent engine killer. If it is not addressed, you could wind up with bent valves, or worse yet, engine failure. Thankfully BMW took it upon themselves to rectify the issue with a major service bulletin which we will cover in a bit.

Fortunately, BMW is fully aware of this issue. Did you just finish doing a burnout, or is that smoke from your engine? With the N63, it was more than likely from your engine. Due to the high heat given off by the exhaust and the turbos in the valley of the engine, these seals would go out causing leaks and huge bellows of white smoke to come out of your exhaust.

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